"They take the time to understand the business at the start and on an ongoing basis."

Darryn Tan
Two of a Kind
"Clear and effective in terms of deliverables, reporting and workflows. Working with Harvest has also simplified what otherwise can be a cumbersome inefficient system requiring low ROI actions on management's part - this is crucial to us being a startup and very much appreciated. I say this with confidence as I have other friends and associates who run their own businesses and always amazed at how (or not) they do things so ineffectively.
With Harvest, I get to take for granted that which other startup CEO-entrepreneurs probably don't even know are available to them. In addition to that, Harvest has proven themselves to be on-the-ball problem solvers and are a trusted pair of hands in terms of getting stuff done. In my opinion, Harvest's above and beyond advisory mindset and philosophy makes Harvest the killer app in their service category and a key differentiator that puts them heads and shoulders above the others in the field.
They take the time to understand the business at the start and on an ongoing basis. They're always there to help - whether the assistance is an area covered in the Statement of Work or outside of it."
Darryn Tan

Two of a Kind is Singapore's first direct-to-consumer contact lenses, founded by Darryn Tan and Javad Namazie. Together they are aiming to disrupt the industry by bypassing the traditional retail model, instead delivering straight to customer's doors at much lower prices, along with a more personalised service, on a user friendly digital platform.