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Lianhe Zaobao: 为中小微企业创跨境融资 开拓海外市场

随着海外企业纷纷以新加坡为大本营向区域以及全球扩展业务,占新加坡公司总数超过九成的中小微企业在面对日益加剧的市场竞争之际,致力开拓海外市场,尤其是深具增长潜力的东南亚和中国市场。蚂蚁国际(Ant International)旗下的星熠数字银行(ANEXT Bank),以常被忽视的中小微企业数码金融之需为出发,旨在协助这些企业迅速简易地获得扩展业务的资金支持。

Money Matters case study: How Harvest Accounting sows the seeds for small business cash flow success

Harvest Accounting is part of a new wave of cloud native firms, helping to share the future of finance and accounting in Singapore. As founding partner Bryan Zhao describes, “Since day one, our entire client base has been on Xero. Five years on, we’ve maintained this cloud-first approach which allows us to be more forward thinking than your typical old school accounting firms in Singapore.”

Best Accounting Services in Singapore

If you’re worried about how to keep proper track of your business’s accountancy and have no in-house accounting team yet, this post is for you.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at the best accounting services in Singapore to help you manage your financial statements and tax records. They were selected because they meet a number of practical criteria that can help you grow your business.

Straits Times: SMEs can gain by tapping AI, but jobs may be at risk

Mr Bryan Zhao, founding partner of Harvest Accounting, said: “Even though accounting has been pegged as one of the industries fit for disruption by AI, it’s still early days. It also means a lot of opportunity for forward-thinking firms ready to adopt new technologies.”

Harvest Accounting has been using machine-learning tools – a subset of AI – to help its bookkeepers with data entry.

Xero Singapore Awards 2023: Winners

We’re delighted to present the winners for Xero Singapore Awards 2023. These winners showcase the passion, hard work and talent of our Xero partner community.

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