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The Business Times: This cloud-based accounting firm is helping SMEs plant the seeds for better financial management

Business owners and managers often find themselves overwhelmed with the many different aspects of managing a business, with accounting and finances being of the most critical. The management decisions they make have significant impacts on profits, cash flow and the financial health of the company.

Yet, competency in this area does not come naturally to many.

Cloud Accounting Firm of the Year 2022

Harvest Accounting is a digital-first accounting firm that is passionate about streamlining operational finance, reimagining workflows, and identifying suitable add-ons and technology from the Xero app ecosystem to help small businesses win.

A2X: Singapore cloud-based firm streamlining small business digital operations using A2X

Discover how Singapore accounting firm Harvest Accounting is using A2X to streamline eCommerce client operations, saving hours on month-end processes, and uncovering financial insights that will help business owners make better decisions. Advocates of the Xero ecosystem, the firm has made A2X a part of its “gold standard” accounting tech-stack alongside Google Business, Dext, Practice Ignition and Futrli.

CFO Tech Outlook: Harvest Accounting: Cloud Technology to Revolutionize Accounting for Businesses

Cloud-based accounting software has simplified financial management for most businesses. The process of accounting, transitioning from desktop-based software to the cloud, has witnessed a huge leap, thus removing many drawbacks of traditional accounting from the equation. Singapore-based Harvest Accounting is an example of one such company that has revolutionized accounting for small and mid-sized businesses. 

Young NTUC: Embodying the Singapore Spirit

For many fresh grads struggling to land a job during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking up a traineeship may not be their first choice but it has proven to open doors. In the spirit of celebrating the Singapore Spirit during our nation’s birthday month, we caught up with three tenacious trainees whose indomitable will-power coupled with hard work and talent earned them that well-deserved job offer.

Dext: Harvesting growth - How Dext saved us two headcount

Harvest Accounting is a digital-first accounting firm, who are passionate about helping small businesses to succeed. 

The firm was founded in the cloud from day one and they’ve been digital natives from the outset. Putting Dext at the heart of their tech stack, Harvest is able to drive their ethos of helping businesses make better decisions, transform their operations and share in a common harvest.

Tech in Asia: To thrive in the long run, small businesses must first reevaluate their processes

When Singapore-based team-building and events company The Fun Empire faced significant business challenges during the pandemic last year, its co-founder Ryan Ho consulted with the company’s accounting partner, Harvest Accounting, to help them to analyse and develop business strategies for both the short- and medium-term.

Mind Your Business: How an SME is taking a holistic view on Budget support

In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim speaks to Bryan Zhao, founder of Harvesting Accounting on how he’s taking a holistic view on this year’s Budget support for SMEs.

HReasily: Success Stories

"Using Xero alongside HReasily has allowed us to become a one-stop solution for all our clients" Hear from our partner Harvest Accounting, a digital-first accounting firm.

Take a holistic view of Budget support to stay competitive: business leaders

Firms in Singapore should take a holistic view in applying for and implementing the support schemes in the latest Budget, to truly make use of them to stay competitive throughout the pandemic.

That means being clear about the business objectives and goals in developing new capabilities, as well as recognising the job redesign and training that may need to go with it, said business leaders at a virtual panel hosted by accounting software firmXero on Feb 25 with support from the Singapore Business Federation. 

Xero Community: Budget Edition 2021

Digital transformation is one of the key features of this year's Singapore Government’s fiscal package announcement. The theme “Emerging Stronger Together” captures how important it is to support businesses and workers to adapt to the new environment we find ourselves in and rings true for our clients. Click to hear what you missed on today’s panel hosted by Xero in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation!

Using cloud technology to achieve accounting excellence

Harvest Accounting recently celebrated becoming a Xero Gold Partner, and their drive to utilise cloud technology has placed them as front runners in the accounting industry in Singapore. We speak with founders Matthew Phua and Bryan Zhao on pioneering innovation and excellence in the accounting space using cloud technology.

From Receiving to Giving

Having co-founded technologically forward-looking firm Harvest Accounting when he was just 28 years of age, Bryan Zhao epitomises the business-savvy accountant of tomorrow. Yet, his life might have been very different had it not been for the financial assistance and scholarships he received as a student. “I come from a humble background, and my parents never had the chance to pursue higher education. Growing up, I relied on scholarships, without which I wouldn’t have been able to pursue quality education all the way, follow my dreams, and be where I am today,” says Bryan...

Accounting and Finance Show Asia - Panel: Keeping up with the digital wave

There is an indisputable opportunity for accountants arising...not only are more and more SMEs actively seeking out advisory services, but by capitalising on this demand, accountants can tap into a valuable stream of business that can help them to grow their firms...

Mind Your Business: How small businesses can benefit from going digital during these unprecedented times

Xero, the global small business with Forrester Consulting’s survey showed that many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have tapped the Government's COVID-19 support utilised the support to digitalise. In Mind Your Business, Howie Lim spoke to Matthew Phua and Bryan Zhao, founders of Harvest Accounting about the benefits of digitalising for SMEs.

Xero | LinkedIn

"Upon starting Harvest Accounting, I knew I wanted to play a collaborative role with business owners through accounting, and share my knowledge and skills to help them get acquainted with their businesses’ financial health. I was also determined to break the stereotype of accountants being buried amongst thick files and paperwork, and instead be at the forefront as business growth partners..."

Xero | LinkedIn

"I want to create an environment where I am excited to work in, to implement solutions that would save our own team many hours which allows us to focus on more value-added work, to offer a platform that clients would love, and to choose clients that I would love to work with..."

Receipt Bank Award Finalists 2020

Congratulations to our finalists!

Announcing the finalists for the Xero Awards Asia 2019!

We’re very excited to launch Xero Awards in Asia this year. Xero Awards recognises excellence among Xero accounting and bookkeeping partner firms, and celebrates the critical role they play in helping small businesses thrive. It’s a great way for us to acknowledge the fantastic work our Xero Partners do everyday to help small business owners, and the steps they consistently take to use technology & digital tools to deliver greater value to clients...

Best in Singapore: The Top Places for the Best Bookkeeping in Singapore

Managing business operations will be much easier if all transactions are regularly recorded and properly organised. So for faster and efficient negotiations, you need the best bookkeeping in Singapore.

There are a lot of services to choose from but which are the most competent? To spare you the trouble of finding out for yourself, we’ve put together a list of the best bookkeeping in Singapore to know the office that you should visit.

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