Harvest Accounting is a digital-first accounting firm that is passionate about identifying operational bottlenecks, reimagining workflows, and identifying suitable add-ons and technology from the Xero app ecosystem to help small businesses win. 



Matthew started his accounting career more than ten years ago in New Zealand where he worked closely with privately owned businesses. There, he witnessed the transformational power of the Xero ecosystem and its rise to prominence in the accounting space. Married to an inspiring small business owner, he introduced Xero to her and the seeds of Harvest Accounting were planted. 


Bryan spent the last three years in corporate banking evaluating companies and providing financial advice on working capital optimization. Prior to banking, he worked as an accounting and treasury associate in an international trading firm. There, he sometimes spent hours reconciling cash receipts in the bank statements against the books and knew there was a more efficient way of bookkeeping. As a strong believer that all businesses exist for a social purpose beyond profit, Bryan is always excited to learn about new products, services and experiences in the marketplace. He hopes to connect with business owners to exchange ideas on how best to leverage on opportunities for growth.


Partners for Business Growth


We fully recognise the trust you place in us, and this responsibility is always a guiding principle in all of our actions. 


We want to produce timely and informative financial data so you can make better business decisions. We always want to have time for you, whatever it may be. We want to exceed expectations.


Although we are accountants, we see more than just numbers. We aim to treat you and our team as people first, celebrate success together, and support each other through hard times. We hope to build a real community. 


We strive to help businesses streamline and transform their account operations through cloud technology and ecosystem solutions. We aim to be up to date with the latest developments in our field.

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